Seafood Delight Dinner!

I was recently inspired to make something quick and healthy.  This meal came together SO FAST and was VERY FILLING – I mean, I couldn’t even finish my fish, I was so full!  The only thing I didn’t make was the garlic hummus spread (because I had some on hand in my fridge for quickie appetizers).  Here’s how it came together: Continue reading

Recipe Review: BBQ Chicken Legs

I have admired Michael Symon and his cooking style for a while now – I saw him do a family version of Moussaka and I was hooked!  I bought #MichaelSymon ‘s #Carnivore and was eager to try a few recipes.  The first one I tried was BBQ Chicken Legs.  While I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, it still turned out AMAZING!!!  here’s what I did… Continue reading

Recipe Review – Tortilla de Primavera

I bought a new cookbook!!  Well I bought 3 lol – I got the one I went for and 2 more because they looked interesting.   The one with the recipe I’m reviewing today is called Mediterranean Cookbook.  It’s a collection of recipes from Spain, Italy, Greece, and the Middle East, among other regions.  I had been meaning to make a frittata but the one I make, while tasty, is a bit involved and I forgot to get one of the ingredients.  As I was checking out my new book, I came across this recipe- which is basically a Spanish Omelette. Over the next few weeks, I will be testing more recipes from this book and will let you know what I really think 🙂 Continue reading

Your Best Tuna Casserole Ever

I like to cook in bulk.  I make dishes that will last a few days – have it for dinner tonight, and save the left overs for lunch another day.  This works for me.  I know people (my dad was one of them) who didn’t like left overs.  He’s lucky my mom can whip up a tasty meal in minutes. Continue reading

Your Best Guacamole Ever

If you love guacamole like I do, you’ll look for any excuse to make it.  And why not?!  When you have a super simple tip , you would make it all the time too.  So what’s the tip?  Ground Cumin!  This, along with lime juice, adds flavour, eliminates the need for salt, and will make this your best guacamole ever!! Continue reading

Sacred No More

As someone who loves to cook, one of my favorite places to go is *shocking* the grocery store!  I love discovering new ingredients.  I love when retailers start offering specialty products or “budget gourmet” ingredients because, my pockets can’t support the hefty price tag of all the truly gourmet ingredients I want to cook with…truffles, aged balsamic, kobe beef, gourmet salts, the best olive oils, sushi grade fish…I could go on but this is not the point of this blog.

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Focused on Food

Growing up, I had dreams of opening my own restaurant. I guess I didn’t realize the strong love for cooking that I had at an early age, although in hindsight the signs were there…I was always in the kitchen with my mom, learning the authentic ways of creating the food she grew up with.  I remember once, for my mother’s birthday, I insisted on cooking a delectable meal for us and my mom’s sister’s family – 9 of us in total.  I was probably 13 years old.  Well, since I was making 14 courses, it only makes sense that we started eating at midnight!  Yes that’s right – I made them wait until midnight to eat – that’s when the food was ready!  Maybe if someone had recognized this desire in me, I wouldn’t have learned it myself so late in life.  Maybe because my mom was such a great cook, there was no room to see potential in anyone else.  Besides, I only volunteered to cook on special occasions.

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Long Live Ceasar

Our friend died today.

He was a member  of our family for 12 years.

He was well known by all of our friends and family.  He was a father, protector and confidant.

He was a protector even though he didn’t need to be.  He was playful, childish, and had a big heart.

Watching him slowly go from strong to weak was hard, letting him go was harder.

He was her partner. He was our Ceasar. He was my “Geezer”.

One thing he wasn’t though, was “just” our dog. He was family.

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